Nightingale Rose

The [ObservableObject], [ObservableProperty] and [ICommand] attributes come from the CommunityToolkit.Mvvm package, you can read more about it here.

This web site wraps every sample using a UserControl instance, but LiveCharts controls can be used inside any container.

sample image

View model

using System.Collections.Generic;
using LiveChartsCore;
using CommunityToolkit.Mvvm.ComponentModel;
using LiveChartsCore.SkiaSharpView.Extensions;

namespace ViewModelsSamples.Pies.NightingaleRose;

public partial class ViewModel : ObservableObject
    public ViewModel()
        var outer = 0;
        var data = new[] { 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 };

        // you can convert any array, list or IEnumerable<T> to a pie series collection:
        Series = data.AsPieSeries((value, series) =>
            // this method is called once per element in the array
            // we are decremting the outer radius 10 percent (0.1)
            // on every element in the array.

            series.InnerRadius = 50;
            series.OuterRadiusOffset = outer;
            outer += 50;

    public IEnumerable<ISeries> Series { get; set; }


<UserControl x:Class="AvaloniaSample.Pies.NightingaleRose.View"
  <lvc:PieChart Series="{Binding Series}" />

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