Custom S V G Scatter Points

The [ObservableObject], [ObservableProperty] and [ICommand] attributes come from the CommunityToolkit.Mvvm package, you can read more about it here.

This web site wraps every sample using a UserControl instance, but LiveCharts controls can be used inside any container.

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View model

using System;
using System.Collections.ObjectModel;
using CommunityToolkit.Mvvm.ComponentModel;
using LiveChartsCore;
using LiveChartsCore.Defaults;
using LiveChartsCore.Drawing;
using LiveChartsCore.SkiaSharpView;
using LiveChartsCore.SkiaSharpView.Drawing.Geometries;

namespace ViewModelsSamples.Scatter.Custom;

public partial class ViewModel : ObservableObject
    public ViewModel()
        var r = new Random();
        var values1 = new ObservableCollection<ObservablePoint>();
        var values2 = new ObservableCollection<ObservablePoint>();
        var values3 = new ObservableCollection<ObservablePoint>();

        for (var i = 0; i < 20; i++)
            values1.Add(new ObservablePoint(r.Next(0, 20), r.Next(0, 20)));
            values2.Add(new ObservablePoint(r.Next(0, 20), r.Next(0, 20)));
            values3.Add(new ObservablePoint(r.Next(0, 20), r.Next(0, 20)));

        Series = new ISeries[]
            // use the second type parameter to specify the geometry to draw for every point
            // there are already many predefined geometries in the
            // LiveChartsCore.SkiaSharpView.Drawing.Geometries namespace
            new ScatterSeries<ObservablePoint, RoundedRectangleGeometry>
                Values = values1,
                Stroke = null,
                GeometrySize = 40,

            // You can also use SVG paths to draw the geometry
            // LiveCharts already provides some predefined paths in the SVGPoints class.
            new ScatterSeries<ObservablePoint, SVGPathGeometry>
                Values = values2,
                GeometrySvg = SVGPoints.Heart

            // you can declare your own gemetry and use the SkiaSharp api to draw it
            new ScatterSeries<ObservablePoint, MyGeometry>
                Values = values3,
                GeometrySize = 40,

    public ISeries[] Series { get; set; }


using LiveChartsCore.SkiaSharpView.Drawing;
using LiveChartsCore.SkiaSharpView.Drawing.Geometries;
using SkiaSharp;

namespace ViewModelsSamples.Scatter.Custom;

public class MyGeometry : SizedGeometry
    public override void OnDraw(SkiaSharpDrawingContext context, SKPaint paint)
        var canvas = context.Canvas;
        var y = Y;

        while (y < Y + Height)
            canvas.DrawLine(X, y, X + Width, y, paint);
            y += 10;



        <lvc:CartesianChart Series="{Binding Series}"></lvc:CartesianChart>


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